Best Tasting food in the World

Among the several pleasures of traveling there’s one that constantly appears in the top 3 things to love about the place the traveler is visiting. That usually is the local gastronomy.

Here in the US you can basically get good food from international restaurants from around the world. However I am sure the food is not as good as the one you will find in their native country.

I came across a very interesting and savory article post from LonelyPlanet that talks about some of the best known international cuisines that you can ever have.

I have had good experiences with most of the cuisines I have tasted here in US soil. I am hoping to try each one of them in their original places sometime soon.

Top 5 best tasting food in the world in my personal opinion.

Best Tasting food in the World | Chinese

Chinese Food by miss_yasmina--flickr

Chinese.– From back-alley dumpling shops to four-star banquet halls, China has one of the world’s finest palates. Cultural precepts of Yin and Yang (balance and harmony) are evident in the bowl: with food for the day including cooling foods such as vegetables and fruit to counter warming spices and meat. The Chinese revere rice but also choose noodles, with either almost always accompanying a meal.

Best Tasting food in the World

Pizza has to be among people's favorite Italian dishes -Photo by Sebastian Mary--Flickr

Italian.- Its food is arguably Italy‘s most famous export, and it’s with good reason that the world wants it. Despite all the variations that exist between regions, some common staples bind the country’s culinary creations. Think thin-crust pizza and al dente pastas and risottos. And to drink? One word: coffee.

Japanese Food by frankfarm-Flickr

Japanese Food by frankfarm-Flickr

Japanese.- If you can wrap your tongue around pronouncing the menu, Japan’s cuisine is a most rewarding mouthful. Most Japanese restaurants concentrate on a specialty cuisine, such as yakitori (skewers of grilled chicken or veg), sushi and sashimi (raw fish), tempura (lightly battered and fried ingredients) and ramen noodle bars. The pinnacle of Japanese cooking, kaiseki (derived as an adjunct to the tea ceremony), combines ingredients, preparation, setting and ceremony over several small courses to distinguish the gentle art of eating.

Best tasting food in the world | Mexican

Torta is a very popular "street food" in Mexican cuisine photo by stu_spivack--Flickr

Mexican.- The Mexican sensibility for enchanting influences is also brought to the table in its food, particularly during celebrations. Mexican cuisine has an overriding Spanish influence, with a twist of French and African thanks to its history. Corn and bean-based dishes are prominent – prepared in a multitude of world renowned ways including tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas.

Best Tasting food in the World

Galbi is a popular dish in Korean food ayustety--Flickr

Korean.-Last but not least in my list of best tasting food in the world I have to mentioned this delicious cuisine specially the Korean barbecue. If you haven’t tried it yet and you are a meat lover, dishes like Bulgogi, Galbi and Samgyeopsal will definitely make it one of your favorites.

You might agree with some of my selections but most likely I left out one that you like and that you probably expected to see in this list. Cuisines like the Spanish and Greek have also excellent dishes.

Tell us what is your best tasting food in the world?


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